In October 2022, I visited Lansdowne, a picturesque town in Uttarakhand, India. The town boasts stunning scenery, serene views, and a quiet atmosphere. We visited two popular tourist attractions: Tarakeshwar Mahadev, a famous Hindu God Shiva shrine, located 36 kilometers from Lansdowne and surrounded by pine and cedar forests. Another must-visit is Bhulla Tal, an artificial lake just 2 kilometers from the town. Other attractions included The Garhwal Rifles and a viewpoint. The trip was a relaxing getaway, with no stops at these points. A detailed report of my Lansdowne trip is provided below.


On the first day,
We left from Dehradun and took a bus to Kotdwar, a town 40 km from Lansdowne. We arrived in Kotdwar around 2 pm and boarded a taxi for Lansdowne around 4 pm. We did not do much on the first day and just relaxed. Network connectivity in Lansdowne is not good, so inform your loved ones accordingly.

On the second day,
We explore the resort and we find one of the best resort in lansdowne i.e Ghughuti Resort at Phalkot village.

On the third day,
We visited the Tarakeshwar Mahadev Temple, which is approx 30km from our resort ,a must-visit for devotees and nature lovers. The temple is surrounded by cedar and pine trees and offers majestic views of the mountains.

On the forth day,
We planned to explore the town and Bhulla Tal (Lake), an artificial lake located 1-2 km from Lansdowne. We took photos around the lake, explored the area, and visited the Garhwal Rifles Regimental Centre, Tip and top view point. After exploring all these area, we left for Kotdwar and our train was scheduled to leave Kotdwar in the night and reach Dehradun.


Ghughuti Resort, located 7 kilometers from Lansdowne, offers a great location with great views. The hotel has a landline and Wi-Fi facility, but mobile connectivity fluctuates. Despite this, the food is excellent, and the hotel provides a comfortable stay. However, mobile connectivity issues persist throughout the stay. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.


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